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A Systems-Centered® Workshop for Couples and Curious Individuals –Building Positive Energy in Your Intimate Relationships

With Peter Bernhardt & Lotte Paans
November 10-12, 2017

We can easily be drawn into unpleasant and emotionally painful interaction patterns in our intimate relationships.  Over time relationships can lose their ability to access positive energy and pleasure, attunement, warmth and functional conflict resolution. Working from a systems perspective allows us to engage the positive forces in relationships by tapping into system dynamics and active system building. Come and learn something that will energize your relationship with those closest to you.

● Learn skills you can take directly into your most important relationships
● Learn how to undo the triggers to your negative cycles
● Learn patterns of communication that lead toward increased satisfaction and happiness
● Learn the 4 functional roles in an intimate relationship and the power of “staying in role”
● Learn about the phases of development and the dynamics that hijack couples into negative interaction
● Learn how you can create driving emotional climates and discover new possibilities in relating with your partner
● Explore “System Happiness”
● Learn to work differences and conflict more successfully

The workshop is open to couples and individuals wanting to apply systems thinking and methods to their most intimate relationships.
The workshop is conducted in English, there is immediate translation available if needed.

Fee for 2 ½ days SCT® Couples Workshop: € 350,= per person excl. 21% VAT

For questions or registration please contact:
Lotte Paans
+ 31 (0)6 44 63 85 85

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